Soft Landings Workshop for Teams

Soft Landings Workshop for international teams to enchance multicultural understanding and communication.
kansainvälinen työtiimi tietokoneen äärellä


Working and communicating in a global and international team is the norm nowadays and having international talent in a company’s team brings a wealth of positives to any company. However, while some teams and company cultures excel in this environment, others fail to recognize and embrace cultural differences, which may result in an increased risk of miscommunication and misinterpretation and decreased productivity.

This course focuses on providing teams and personnel with a more in-depth understanding and awareness of the role of culture and communication when working in international, and multi-cultural teams and contexts. Challenges will inevitably arise in culturally diverse contexts; however, a little knowledge goes a long way, and this workshop focuses on the positives of working in multinational and multicultural teams and on creating increased awareness of, understanding of, and respect for this diversity. This knowledge and awareness strengthen bonds between staff and builds happy and productive teams.

On completion of this workshop participants will:

  • Have an increased awareness of concepts related to culture and intercultural communication
  • Be more prepared for welcoming and attracting international talent to the company, and in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace to ensure that they stay.
  • Have an increased awareness of the cultures of members of their team, and the strengths that diversity can bring to a team.

This increased awareness will provide employees and management with tools and knowledge that can be used to create an inclusive work environment that can accommodate staff from various backgrounds, allowing the business to reach its full potential by embracing the unique strengths of its diverse workforce.

Course duration

This workshop lasts for three hours. It includes a lecture by an international teams expert of the University of Oulu, team building exercises, and time for group discussions and questions.

Group size

Suits teams of 3-8 persons.


The workshop is held either at the University of Oulu or on customer's premises.


The workshop is conducted in English but can also be conducted in Finnish and/or bi-lingually if required.


€600/team + VAT. Contact us to get a quote for different size teams or other implementations.

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