Soft Landings – Life in Finland

An international employee has usually left their home country and everything familiar behind when moving to Finland. It is important for the company to offer plenty of support and information in the beginning so that a newcomer can start a balanced new life here in Finland.

What and why

Soft Landings offers Culture Shock Finland, a course which provides participants with an all-encompassing information package on Finland as a country, the Finnish society and how it functions, and the Finnish way of life.

This course gives participants a good foundation on understanding the rules of the Finnish society, sheds light into Finnish behaviour, introduces the Finnish idea of work-life balance and a lot more. In addition, the course covers the theory of culture shock, and what to do when a difficult phase in life arises. It offers a lot of practical tips for new and challenging situations, for example, how to manage the long and cold winter in Finland.

The course can also include local information and tips for daily life in the Oulu region. This can be discussion on school options for children, tips for finding hobbies, information on interesting local nature spots, or guidance for using public libraries or sports equipment rentals.

The Culture Shock Finland course is always tailored according to the customer organisation’s needs. The course usually consists of 4 x 3-hour training sessions. The sessions ideally suit groups of 5-20 participants. The course can be held either online or on the customer’s premises.

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