Soft Landings Training for the Service Industry

Soft Landings Training for the Services Industry is a one-day intensive course, in which international service-industry employees are introduced to Finnish society, local customs, and the rules of Finnish working life.
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Soft Landings Training for the Services Industry offers a comprehensive information package on Finland as a country, Finnish society and life, and all-important knowledge about Finnish working life. The training is arranged efficiently in one day.

The morning session focuses on Finnish society, sheds light on how Finns behave, introduces the Finnish understanding of work-life balance, and offers information on Finnish national holidays, living, and housing, just to mention a few topics. Furthermore, the course covers the theory of culture shock and offers insight on what one can do when a more challenging phase arises in life. It also offers practical tips, for instance, for managing the long and dark Finnish winter.

The afternoon session focuses on Finnish working life. This part covers, for example, communication in the office, the responsibilities of employees and employers, legislation, compulsory deductions taken out of one's salary, trade unions, and ending employment. The afternoon session focuses especially on situations in the service industry.

For whom

This intensive training is created for international employees of Finnish service industry organisations (such as hotels, cafés, shops, and restaurants).


This training is tailored according to the needs of the company and the number of participants. The training can be offered remotely, face-to-face at the customer's premises or as a hybrid implementation. Please contact us to get a quote.

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