Soft Landings Workshop for Managers

The Soft Landings Workshop for Managers offers insight on how managers or HR specialists in Finland can support non-Finnish employees in their daily working life.
Ryhmä naisia työtilanteessa


Hiring a new employee is always an investment for a company, and an even bigger investment if the employee moves to Finland for the job. This workshop is targeted to Finnish managers and HR specialists.

The workshop covers themes such as

  • How to support an employee who has moved to Finland from another country?
  • What things in the newcomer's life could you take into consideration in your managerial role?
  • How to make the newcomer feel they are well looked after, and that they truly belong in the organisation?

The course includes an introductory expert speech on what employees who have moved to Finland for work are going through in their lives, what kind of challenges they might face, and how managers and HR specialists can support new employees in their process of settling in in a new country and organization. The lesson also covers supporting employees in the long term. The lesson is followed by a joint discussion, during which participants can ask questions and share experiences.


This workshop lasts three hours. It includes a lecture by our international work communities expert and time for joint discussions and questions.


This workshop is mainly held client's own premises. A Teams or a hybrid implementation is also possible.

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Solution Designer
University of Oulu
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