Soft Landings – Spouse Orientation

The Spouse Orientation by the University of Oulu has been created to offer support to spouses of international employees in companies and organisations on the Finnish culture and society.


Adapting to a new environment means going through a profound change, not only for an employee from abroad, but also for their partners and families. While an employee from abroad may receive ongoing support from their employers,their partners are often left behind, and only receive minimal support. Companies often overlook the impact that spouses’ adjustment and professional development have on the successful retention of, and recruitment of international employees.

The Spouse Orientation by the University of Oulu has been created to support companies and organizations in ensuring that these spouses/partners receive the support and advice they need in their new lives, to ensure that the recruitment of international talent is successful, and that recruitment-related investments are profitable. While the other Soft Landings training courses (e.g. Soft Landing’s working life and culture training), the Spouse Orientation focuses on supporting the spouses of international employees.

The Spouse Orientation:

  • Introduces spouses of newcomers to Finnish society and working culture
  • Offers local (Oulu-area specific) information
  • Provides information and advice regarding support services available to spouses and families locally, and nationally (e.g. daycares, schools, welfare benefits, etc.)
  • Offers introduction to the experience of Finnish language communication
  • Introduces various study options in English, language training classes, employment possibilities, and a guide for starting entrepreneurship in Finland
  • Provides spouses and families with information, support and advice regarding free-time activities (sports, hobbies, etc.) in Oulu.
  • Offers networking and socializing opportunities for spouses, and trips to local places of interest (NB some events may have additional small fees).


The training consists of 1.5-hour training x 4 sessions, possibly planned with some group work activity. The sessions will be conducted in a cozy, relaxed, and welcoming setting. Coffee will be served at each session. There will be opportunities for participants to get to know each other. The language of instruction is English.


The Spouse Orientation is open for participants from all companies and organisations. If you are interested in a group tailor-made for spouses of international employees in your company or organisation (minimum of 8 persons), please contact us for more details.


Fee for joining the 4-session Spouse Orientation is €241.80/person (€195 + VAT 24%).

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