Soft Landings – Learning Languages

Finnish-language skills help an international employee and their family in their daily life and in settling into a new country. Even if you could handle work using English, having local language skills, even on an elementary level, helps setting up a home in Finland.

The university of Oulu has Finnish-language courses from beginners’ level to more advanced language learners. Companies’ Finnish employees can also brush up their English-language skills on a specific English activation course.

What and why

The University of Oulu offers companies and organisations different level Finnish-language learning opportunities. The Finnish-language course offering includes options from a beginners’ level course all the way to more advanced courses and to special conversational and writing skills courses:

  1. Survival Finnish
  2. Beginners’ Finnish
  3. Conversational Skills in Finnish
  4. Writing Skills
  5. Learn Basic Finnish Online

Companies and organisations can also make international employees feel more welcome by activating their Finnish employees’ English-language skills and thus support communication between employees.

The language courses by the University of Oulu include both teaching and self-study elements. Teaching and learning can also utilise an online learning environment. All the courses are taught by the skilled and much-liked language teachers at the University of Oulu. Courses are tailored according to the customer organisation’s needs.

Individual Finnish language learners

The above training options are tailor-made for groups in organisations, but an individual Finnish-language learner can find Finnish language course options on this page.

More information

Jaana Isohätälä
Service Manager, Language and Communication
University of Oulu
Mob: 050 4724021