Finnish as a Second Language

Come and study Finnish language and culture at the University of Oulu! A good command of the Finnish language and cultural understanding will support you in your daily life and in the Finnish working life.
kaksi hymyilevää naista työympäristössä


High-quality Finnish language courses at the University of Oulu offer you a strong start into learning Finnish and a path to continue your Finnish studies all the way to more advanced working life Finnish courses.

These courses are taught by the University of Oulu's qualified, and much liked, Finnish-language teachers, who will be there to support you along the way.

For whom

The University of Oulu offers participants also from outside the university (non-degree students) to participate in the university's Finnish languages courses. Non-degree students can apply for all other Finnish courses, except the Survival Finnish Course and Beginners' Finnish Course 1. The courses have a certain numbers of seats reserved for non-degree students, varying from course to course. These Finnish as a second language courses are part of the normal university course offering, and thus, most of the courses are held during the day.


The Finnish teachers of the University of Oulu are happy to help you to choose the right-level Finnish language course for you. To participate on the Finnish courses, you will need to apply for a non-degree study right in the eForms-sytem. See the instructions here.

International students and personnel of the University of Oulu:
Please see the information on the Languages and Communication Unit website.

Course path

The University of Oulu has a compherensive selection of Finnish language courses to choose from.

More information

If you are interested in taking Finnish courses at the University of Oulu, please contact:

Finnish language courses organized by the Unit Languages and Communication
- Elementary level: Heidi Niskanen, email
- Intermediate and advanced level: Arja Haapakoski, email

Finnish language courses organized by the Faculty of Humanities, Working Life Finnish: Finnish lecturer, Anne Koskela, email