Beginners' Finnish Course 2

5 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2024-2025 , 900053Y
In this course you will broaden and deepen your skills in the basics of the Finnish language. You will get more information about the Finnish culture and about the Finnish communication styles.

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Contact studies
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50 €

Education information

This is a post-elementary course. During the course students learn more about communication in ordinary everyday situations in Finnish. They also extend their vocabulary and knowledge of grammar. Students practise understanding simple Finnish talk and short texts.

The topics and communicative situations covered in the course are the following: talking about weather, carrying out transactions in clothing stores and at the doctor’s, asking about location, asking for help/favours, expressing how you are feeling, writing an invitation and email; talking about the past, describing people and things; seasons, the names of the months, travelling, vehicles, body parts, adjectives, food, drink and parties.

The structures studied are the following: the local cases, more about the change of the consonants k, p and t, more declension types for nouns (word types), nominative plural (basic form plural), basics of the imperfect (past tense of verbs), something about the object, some post position structures, some sentence types (predicative and necessity sentences).

Education format

Continuous learning
Continuing training


Academic Year 2024-2025


8015 Language studies, Finnish for Foreigners

Course organiser

University of Oulu



Maximum participants

At least 2 places for students from outside / non-degree students.

Prerequisities and co-requisites

Required proficiency level is A1.2, completion of the Beginners’ Finnish course 1 (900013Y) or equivalent Finnish language skills.

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