Intermediate Finnish Course 2

5 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2024-2025 , 900016Y
In this course you will move towards the level of independent language user. You will learn more working-life vocabulary.

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Mode of delivery

Contact studies
Independent study

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50 €

Education information

The course is an upper intermediate course. During the course, students learn the necessary written and oral skills to be able to cope in informal situations arising during everyday life, work and studying. The emphasis in the topics and texts is on working life, for example, internships, job applications, job interviews, job advertisements. On the lessons, the main emphasis is on oral pair and group exercises.

The topics and communicative situations covered in the course: working life, hobbies and leisure; reading short newspaper articles and announcements in various media; responding in a conversation; telephone phrases.

The structures that are studied on the course: the perfect and pluperfect, the use of verb tenses, the plural declension of nouns (partitive, genitive and local cases), the passive form of verbs and some time expressions.

Education format

Continuous learning
Continuing training


Academic Year 2024-2025


8015 Language studies, Finnish for Foreigners

Course organiser

University of Oulu



Maximum participants

At least 2 places for students from outside / non-degree students.

Prerequisities and co-requisites

Required proficiency level is A2.1, Completion of the Intermediate Finnish course 1 (900015Y) or equivalent Finnish language skills.

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