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Experience the joy of learning at the Open University, where you can find a diverse range of courses from several disciplines. Open university studies are suitable for everyone regardless of age or prior education. On this page you will find basic information about Open university studies and study practices.

Welcome to study at the Open University!

Why the Open University?

At the Open University you can supplement your working life skills and knowledge, or flexibly familiarize yourself with university studies. You can aim for a degree by completing studies in advance and can study regardless of your age or prior educational background. Studies are organized in cooperation with the university faculties and partner institutions, and basic and intermediate studies can be completed, in addition to language and communication studies.

The offering of the academic year 2024-25 is published

See the offering for academic year 2024-25 in Open University Study Guide 2024-25. The information regarding implementations and timetable will be supplemented.

The Open University route

The Open University route offers you the possibility to become a degree student by completing open university studies. If you are interested in applying through the Open University route take a closer look at the admission criteria. Studying in the open university route will not automatically entitle a participant to degree student status at the University of Oulu.


How can I enroll in Open University studies? How much does it cost? What should I know before starting to study? Take a closer look at the study guidelines of the Open University.