Free studies open for all (MOOCs)

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are online courses that are open to everyone and can be completed entirely on your own schedule. MOOCs offer the opportunity to explore the excellent educational options offered by the University of Oulu.

University of Oulu MOOC in a nutshell

  • Courses open to all
  • No admission requirements
  • No restrictions on the number of participants, there is always room for more
  • You can start at any time
  • You can progress at your own pace
  • Courses include independent learning assignments
  • The courses are free of charge

University of Oulu MOOCs

MOOCs at the University of Oulu are free and open to everyone, and there are no entry requirements. To participate in MOOCs, you basically only need an internet connection. Once you have completed a course, you can receive an official transcript and credits for the course.

Learning in our MOOCs is not passive absorption of information, but instead the studies are designed to give learners an active role. In MOOCs, you can, for example, learn about unique research done at the University of Oulu, get to know a new, topical phenomenon or take a peek into a new field of study with a low threshold.

Welcome to learn new things and be inspired with us!

Open MOOC courses

Check out the MOOC courses currently open at the University of Oulu available in English.

How can I join MOOC courses?

A MOOC offers a full learning experience free of charge. Access to course materials and completion of learning tasks is open to all and is usually done independently. Learning is flexible and can be done at the participant's own pace quite quickly or at a slower pace with time to immerse oneself in the material. To study, you will need an online connection and a computer.

Check out the MOOC practicalities below and join us!