What is JOY all about?

JOY is a new entity of continuous learning at the University of Oulu. We bring together all of the lifelong learning courses and services offered by the University of Oulu. From this service, you will find open university education, continuing education, and a path to customized educational solutions.

You can find it from JOY

Course offering

Courses offered in English and language and communication studies.

Co-operation opportunities for companies

Opportunities for educational co-operation and partnerships.

Tailored trainings

We offer customization services to companies.

To whom?

JOY serves people in a learner-centered way in a variety of life situations. We can help find new pathways and guidance for people exploring new paths, career changers, and career advancers. We also serve micro-entrepreneurs, applicants who are applying for qualifications or further vocational training, high-school students, alumni, unemployed jobseekers, those seeking general working life skills, or those interested in expanding their worldview.

Why did we create JOY?

JOY is the University of Oulu's response to the ongoing national reform of lifelong learning by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Higher education institutions are encouraged to open up their educational offerings and develop the higher education system as a platform for lifelong learning. The background is to prepare for future changes in working life. The vision of lifelong learning is based, among other things, on the recommendations of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on the diversification of adult education in Finland.

In international comparisons Finnish conmpetence is at a high level. Education is free or inexpensive, however, skills accumulate heavily for an already well-educated population. In Finland, the differences in participation in adult education are the largest amongst the OECD countries, and Finland has been advised to increase non-degree education that would be better suited to adults with different educational backgrounds.

The University of Oulu has decided to double the number of non-degree students to 15,000 by 2024. Non-degree students are anyone who completes studies at an open university, in continuing education, with additional study rights and in different courses. Within the university, the reform of lifelong learning also means structural reforms. Learning and teaching environments will change, and lifelong learning education will be a balanced combination of digital learning capabilities and personalized encounters.

Want to know more?

You can browse or course offering or if you have any questions or comments, you can contact us.