DigiHealth training module

25 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2022-2023 , -
DigiHealth training module gives a wide-range insight to medical device regulation and data security, to digital healthcare basics, applications and development, as well as to health data modelling and utilization as a part of anticipatory and supporting healthcare.

The courses of the training are implemented mainly online according to participant’s own timetable.

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Health technology and biomedical engineering are growing fields in Northern Finland. The sector is undergoing a transformation affected by the EU regulation on medical devices, the digitalization of healthcare and the explosive growth of artificial intelligence-based methods. The University of Oulu now offers free training to update the knowledge regarding the recent development in the field.

Read more about the training in the article.

Coming courses (course study period in parenthesis) :

  • Basics in eHealth, 5 ECTS (1.8.2022 - 31.3.2023)
  • Principles of Machine Learning in Medicine, 5 ECTS (1.1. - 12.3.2023)
  • Medical Device Regulation, 3 ECTS (22.9.2022 - 31.3.2023)
  • Medical Device Quality Management, 2 ECTS (1.1. - 12.3.2023)

Past courses:

  • Biosignal processing, 5 ECTS (31.10. - 31.12.2022)
  • Medical Device Quality Management, 2 ECTS (31.10. - 31.12.2022)
  • Connected Health and mHealth, 5 ECTS (13.9. - 30.10.2022)

More information can be found on the course's own websites!

The studies are free of charge (funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture).

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Academic Year 2022-2023

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University of Oulu



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Anna Maijala, anna.maijala@oulu.fi
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