Connected Health and mHealth

5 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2022-2023 , 080927S
Upon completion the student has knowledge about use of health information systems targeted to health professionals or to citizens in Finland, current development in mobile health technology solutions and connected health projects (also via co-operation with enterprises and OYS). The student has learned collaboration and co-creation in a multiprofessional environment in the medical information and communication technology domain.

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Web-Based Studies
Multiform learning

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The basic contents of the course are:

- Terms and concepts

- Overview of information and communication technology and information
systems in Finnish healthcare

- New processes that activate patient: e.g., OMAOLO.FI
self-care services

- Current update about mHealth, Connected Health, Artificial Intelligence in health
care, secondary use of healthcare information

- Collaborative development process in multiprofessional healthcare environment

- Introduction to test laboratory activities

- Case example, depending of current R&D&I work at participating enterprises
at the time of course

- Web discussions and possible group assignments

Education format

Continuous learning
Continuing training
Separate study right


Academic Year 2022-2023

Field of study

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
Health and welfare

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University of Oulu



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