Accelerating the deployment of blockchain technology requires trust building and introduction of successful example cases

Described as the next big wave of technology, blockchain technology offers great opportunities in many industries. The workshop held in November 2021 provided guidelines for planning future training.

The Blockchain technology offers interesting opportunities in many industries. Finland is still in the early stage of its implementation compared to many other countries. The University of Oulu, Vaasa and Lapland and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences’ joint project on blockchain technology organized an open online workshop on Nov 18th, 2021. The workshop results will be used to plan future trainings. The first course will begin in February 2022.

Concrete examples encourage to move forward

The online workshop discussed the use and application of blockchains in the participants’ field of activity, the use of blockchain technology in business and the future prospects of technology. The aim was to map the current status of activities, know-how and resources for blockchains from participants’ point of view as well as whether the needs mainly relate to developing existing operations or identifying completely novel opportunities. The workshop was facilitated by Marika Iivari from Oulu Business School (the University of Oulu) and Tommi Kauppinen from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

The workshop identified some key issues in wider application of blockchain technology in Finland:

• Lack of trust from cultural and organizational point of view

• Lack of regulations and legal requirements at global level

• Awareness of the fact that different phases of digital transformation in different industries set boundaries for adopting blockchain technologies.

It is clear that in order to build and take advantage of the opportunities enabled by blockchain technologies, the trust need to be built through concrete examples from Finland in smaller industrial context. Start small, scale bigger.

Guidelines for planning future training

The workshop identified measures to build awareness and trust, and validate the opportunities of blockchain technologies in Finland:

• General knowledge on blockchain technologies need to be advanced especially in relation to other key enabling and emerging technologies. This will help to understand the opportunities and challenges blockchain may help to solve.

• Clear Proofs of Concepts and specific pilot use cases are needed to demonstrate the opportunities of blockchain technologies. References are important in building trust and validating the value blockchain technologies may enable.

• Boosting our local and national networks acts as a foundation for accessing global markets as well.

These aspects need to be taken into account when planning future training.

The continuing education courses offered by the project will begin in February 2022. The courses are open for everyone and free of charge. Registration for the first course, "First Notes on Blockchain" is open until Feb 14th, 2022. This course is an introduction to blockchains - prior knowledge is not required. The course is organised by Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

Learn more about the first courses.

Powered by Blockchain -project

Described as the next big wave of technology, blockchain technology offers great opportunities in many industries. The use of this technology is still limited in Finland, mainly due to a lack of know-how. The training in blockchain technology provided by Powered by Blockchain project will help to see the benefits it enables. There will be a total of six courses; the more detailed contents and dates will be published on the project’s website. The courses are open to everyone and free of charge. The project is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).

For more information please contact:

Laura Pihtsalmi

p. 029 448 7363

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