Searching skills, finding the evidence (OPEN UNI) - Lääketieteellisen tiedon hakeminen (AVOIN YO)

1 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2022-2023 , ay044114S

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Web-Based Studies
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The students read the book Searching Skills Toolkit. Finding the evidence. Second edition. De Brún C, Pearce-Smith N. BMJ Books, 2014 (e-Book in the library) and go through a question series in Moodle learning environment. The system gives the student feedback on the answers and tells whether she/he has passed or failed the course.

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Continuous learning
Open university


Academic Year 2022-2023


5401 Lääketiede

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University of Oulu



Prerequisities and co-requisites

It is recommended to complete course 044104S Evidence-based Medicine Toolkit before this course.

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