0 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2023-2024
The REBOOT SKILLS programming course will teach you the basics of Python, and enable you to better understand of how data are analysed, which can lead to better decision-making, as well as how task automation works.

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Web-Based Studies

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In order to complete course in the REBOOT SKILLS framework, you will need to complete the following task pages:

Pre-exercise tasks
Material pages 1-3
Review pages 1-3 and exercise pages
Information regarding the course can be found from various pages on the table of contents.
There is also the possibility of chatting with the teacher.

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Continuous learning


Academic Year 2023-2024

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University of Oulu



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Mika Oja,
Anna Sachinopoulou, M3S,, +358408451097

This project is funded by grant 101100696 of the Digital Europe programme

Last updated: 9.10.2023