REBOOT SKILLS Cybersecurity Project

0 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2023-2024
The participants of this course will familiarise themselves with Cybersecurity concepts, they will understand where Cybersecurity plays a role in their company, and they will understand what solutions exist and how they apply to the company.

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Web-Based Studies

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Each participant will bring an issue, and through the development of the solution, they will achieve the objectives of learning. Examples: Vulnerability assessment / penetration testing
• The student group will do a vulnerability analysis / penetration testing of a given target
• The company sets the scope for the assessment
• Students provide a report on their work and any issues/vulnerabilities that they find to the company

Threat analysis
• The student group will do a threat analysis of a target given by the company
• The company sets the target technology/system
• Students provide a report on the threats and possible mitigations against these for the company

Tool development
• The student group will develop and/or set up a tool for the company to use in their security process
• The company sets up the requirements for the tool and setup
• Students provide the required tool and setup with a short report on their work

Technology assessment
• The student group performs a security assessment on a given technology for the company
• The company provides the scope and target technology
• The students provide an assessment report on the target technology

This is a course, offered by REBOOT SKILLS.

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Continuous learning


Academic Year 2023-2024

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University of Oulu



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Kimmo Halunen

This project is funded by grant 101100696 of the Digital Europe programme

Last updated: 13.10.2023