Project Management

25 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2023-2024
Do you want to become a professional in project management and delve into the latest research in project management? A unique 25-credit training program in project management will kick off for the first time in the autumn. The themes include key areas of project management, leadership of project-oriented companies, management of change projects and programs, as well as practical project management exercises. You can also certify your skills as part of the training program.

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Mode of delivery

Web-Based Studies
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250€ including all courses

Education information

The training program consists of five courses in project management, focusing on areas such as project management fundamentals, management in project-oriented companies, management of change projects and programs, and practical project management exercises.

This training program consists of the following courses:

Education format

Continuous learning
Continuing training


Academic Year 2023-2024

Field of study

Business, administration and law
Engineering, manufacturing and construction


Industrial Engineering and Management

Teaching language


Course organiser

University of Oulu



Maximum participants

10. Participants are admitted according to order of registration.

Prerequisities and co-requisites

The minimum qualifications required are a bachelor's degree and two years' professional experience.

Contact information

More information and contact information

For questions related to the course content, please contact:
Professor Kirsi Aaltonen

For questions regarding registration, please contact:
Anita Pirilä


Registration for the training program is submitted by applying for non-degree study right. The price of the training program is 250€ (10€/ECTS). The application is submitted in e-Forms (Electronic forms of the University of Oulu). Please note that the processing time of the application is about 2 weeks.

Registration instructions:

  • Register for the training program by clicking on the ”Apply for non-degree study right” button at the top of the page.
  • The link redirects you to the main page of e-Forms. You can log in with identification.
  • After logging in to e-Forms, click form "Application for non-degree studies". Note that there are two forms for non-degree studies: select a form without the JOY prefix.
  • Please fill in "Personal data".
  • In "Study right" section, write “Project Management training module” to the "Course or study module name" field. Your enrolment will be automatically received for all courses in the training module. You do not need to specify which courses you want to take or how many credits you are completing.
  • In the "Studies are needed for" section, please describe shortly your educational background and work experience.
  • If you have already completed a project management course, e.g. at an open university, please show this in the application attachments. In this case, you will only pay for four courses, i.e. 200€.
  • In the Workflow section at the bottom of the page, please select Pirilä Anita as a “Next assignee” and click the Send-button.

You are informed of a granted non-degree study right through e-mail. You will also receive instructions on how to complete your studies and the practical aspects of the right to study.

The University of Oulu reserves the rights to any changes.

Last updated: 15.6.2023