Digital Image Processing (OPEN UNI)

5 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2022-2023 , ay521467A
Upon completion of the course the student understands the basic theory of digital image processing and knows its main applications

Mode of delivery

Multiform learning

Course study period



75 €

Education information

  1. Introduction,
  2. Fundamentals of digital image,
  3. Intensity transformations and spatial filtering,
  4. Image processing in frequency domain,
  5. Restoration,
  6. Color image processing,
  7. Wavelets and multi-scale processing
  8. Compression,
  9. Morphological image processing,
  10. Segmentation

Education format

Continuous learning
Open university


Academic Year 2022-2023


4307 Tietotekniikka

Course organiser

University of Oulu



Prerequisities and co-requisites

521141P Elementary Programming or equivalent Python programming skills,
031080A Signal Analysis or basic knowledge on signal processing.

Contact information

Guidance and counselling

avoin.yliopisto (at)
Last updated: 22.11.2022