Survival Finnish

2 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2023-2024, 900017Y
A Finnish-language course starting from scratch. You will learn important words and phrases for everyday life.

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This introductory course aims to help students to cope with the most common everyday situations in Finnish. During the course, students learn some useful everyday phrases, some general features of the vocabulary and grammar, and the main principles of pronunciation.

The topics and communicative situations that are covered in the course are the following: general information about Finnish language, some politeness phrases (how to greet, thank and apologize), introducing oneself, asking about and providing basic personal information, numbers, some time expressions (how to tell and ask the time, days of the week, times of day), food, drink and asking about prices.

The structures that are studied are the personal pronouns and their possessive forms, forming affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences, the conjugation of some verbs, the basics of the partitive singular and some local cases for answering the 'where'-question.

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Continuous learning
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Academic Year 2023-2024

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Language and communication studies


8015 Language studies, Finnish as a foreign language

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University of Oulu



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At least 2 places for participarts from outside the university to join the course.

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