Beginners' Finnish Course 1

3 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2023-2024, 900013Y
In this course you will learn more everyday vocabulary and phrases and grammar. You will also get to know Finnish culture.

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This lower elementary course aims to help students to learn communication skills in ordinary everyday situations. During the course, students broaden their vocabulary and knowledge of grammar and principles of pronunciation. They also practise to understand easy Finnish talk about everyday subjects, and reading and writing short and simple texts/messages.

The topics and communicative situations that are covered in the course are the following: talking about oneself, one's family, studies and daily routines, as well as asking about these things from others; expressing opinions; food, drink and transactions in the grocery store; accommodation and describing it;  colours and adjectives. 

The structures studied are the following: verb types, basics of the change of the consonants k, p and t in nouns, basics of the partitive and genitive cases, possessive structure, some declension types for nouns (word types) and the basics of the local cases. 

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Continuous learning
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Academic Year 2023-2024

Field of study

Language and communication studies


8015 Language studies, Finnish for Foreigners

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University of Oulu



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At least 2 places for students from outside / non-degree students.

Prerequisities and co-requisites

Required proficiency level is A1.1, completion of the Survival Finnish Course (900017Y) or equivalent language skills.

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